This is NOT a science lesson

We know the cause – this podcast is all about the effects.

The evidence is compelling. You don’t need to be a scientist or environmentalist to understand the man-made consequences that are impacting our daily lives with greater frequency around the globe.

Nature is scrambling to establish a new balance as a result of our collective exploitation of the planet with disastrous intensity. The burning of fossil fuels, the annihilation of the animal kingdom, unimaginable islands of floating garbage in our oceans, we have left nothing untouched.

Maybe you haven’t experienced a record strong hurricane, or lived in a region ravaged by wildfires, but think back to last summer’s heatwaves? What about your grocery bill? The prices of certain foods have soared because of drought or too much rain. Do you have home insurance? If the trend continues some homes may be deemed uninsurable as urban flooding is becoming the new norm. Do you have seasonal allergies? Those are intensifying too. How about coffee? That favourite jolt of java is also threatened as bean growers struggle with increasingly reduced yields, including ones that supply the world’s biggest coffee chains. And, did you know, the warming of the planet has even started to affect how police solve crimes?

We explore it all here, on The Big Blue Marble.


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