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If they’re going to spend time with you, you’d better make it worthwhile. 

As an award-winning broadcaster, digital content creator, print contributor and LIVE entertainer, this is my mantra.

Though you may recognize me from TV, I got my start doing stand-up comedy and then moved on to radio, hosting shows at some of the most successful stations in Canada. Parlaying that live experience, I was grateful to be invited into the homes of audiences of the most trusted television newsrooms in Canada at CTV, Global and The Weather Network, to name a few.  As a weather and news anchor and a regular fill-in co-host on CTV’s trademark morning show, Canada AM, I appreciated the opportunity to tell stories that impact people while being able to connect with viewers in thoughtful, meaningful ways.

Throughout my career I’ve built a name for myself as an innovator, as well as being a diverse talent. Insatiably curious, I’m constantly searching for new, exciting ways to engage and captivate audiences. I don’t simply think outside the box – I build new, original ones.

With my finger on the pulse of the ever-changing media landscape, I create and customize stories fit for all platforms, specializing in LIVE media. Whether it’s a live broadcast on conventional television or a #LIVEstream on social media, I aim to deliver beyond expectations.

In the digital space, original projects that I have developed, produced, and hosted, have engaged more than 1.5 million viewers from around the world.

“Knight in the Morning” was the first of its kind live stream show on Facebook in North America. The program was an engaging, topical, and informative morning show that captivated viewers with over 100, 30+ minute episodes. Connecting with viewers from six of seven continents, the web-series was honoured with a Bravo Award nomination by Bell Media, in recognition of innovation, creativity, and engagement.

My latest production is the “Here n’ There” show. This program is truly unlike any other – with the goal of connecting with people and provide a weekly dose of positivity throughout this very challenging time. Here n’ There is a fully produced, 30-minute Facebook Live stream, with animation, music, interaction, drone videography, graphics, and is most importantly, LIVE on location. Each week I pin a site and hit the road to uncover the people, places, history, and natural wonders that transform a place into a community. 

Here n’ There streams live every Friday at 1:00 P.M. EST and provides untethered programming with live interaction and immediate connection with viewers, while informing and entertaining. The show has garnered a loyal following, with a community of its own.

In addition to my many professional efforts, I am a committed supporter of many charitable and not-for-profit efforts. I’m also a proud eco-ambassador and nature lover with the aim of leaving a better world for the two most important achievements in my life – my kids.

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